How to Fix Steam_api.dll error for all Steam games

How to Fix Steam_api.dll error for all Steam games - Steam_api.dll is most prominent in the games that run on Steam application engine.You can find this error in games like Age of Empires,Batman: Arkham Origins,Amazing Spider man,Bioshock Infinite,COD Black ops,Grid,Just cause,Resident Evil 6,Saints row,Sniper Elite,Train Simulator 2014 and some other latest compatible games.
How to Fix Steam_api.dll error for all Steam games

Error Dialogues::

Rumah Dijual di BSD - If an application tries to access a dll files that has been corrupted or is missing, that program will no longer work. Normally you would experience this as a Windows error message indicating which program is giving the error, and which dll file is missing or corrupted.
For example:  "Steam_api.dll is missing"

"Steam_api.dll not found"

"TS14.exe: This program can't be started because Steam_api.dll is missing or corrupted"


Your first and easiest option for fixing this situation, and allowing the game to run again, is to use a reliable service to replace the file with the correct version. We recommend DLL-Files Fixer as the best option around.

The DLL-Files Fixer is a software specifically designed to solve these situations. With access to the largest collection of relevant dlls, the DLL-Files Fixer finds the best version of steam_api.dll for your system, installs it in the right location, and makes sure that the game and your computer runs without errors. It will also help against any possible future dll errors you may encounter, and you can try it for free!

  • Download and install file manually

In this method, download and install the steam_api.dll from here. After downloading it, extract it to your game root directory (for example: C:\program files\Ubisoft\Assassin’s Creed IV\), Or you can also extract it to your OS system folder. On a 32-bit system this is by default c:\windows\system32, but remember that on a 64-bit system, x32 bit files should be placed in windows\syswow64\ and x64 bit files should be placed in windows\system32. Full instructions are included in the file downloaded, follow them!

  • Alternative solutions

Turn off your anti-virus solution and reinstall the game. This could solve an issue where the AV interfered in the install process.

Temporarily turn off your firewall and internet connection and run the game. This could solve an issue where your firewall interfered with the game when it tries to synch with an online source. If turned off, the game will usually not try to synch, and no error appears.

Update the game with the latest patches, and make sure your graphics drivers are similarly updated. Also, before changing anything, make sure that the graphics card you have is compatible with the game you’re trying to run!

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